Seamless down UNIQLO UNIQLO 2017 Reviews and stories Reviews

This seamless down parka crimps seams rather than stitches. Because there is no seam, there is merit that it does not pass the wind and it is warm and feather does not jump out.

hot! easy to move! Design is good! These three points are very important in choosing clothes.

It is not cold enough to wear this down yet, but I think that it is a good down when the maximum temperature is one digit.

The price is 12900 yen and the price is stretched, but it will become an indispensable item in the period when it gets cold from now.

It has been devised so that sleeves are also doubled so that cold does not enter. This is the image with the left arm as it is, turning the right arm.

It’s recommended to wear one!

Please try on on purchase!


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