I changed the blog rental server to PHP 7.1 (module version) and tried to speed up the response.

PHP 7.1 is available in lollipop.

In the standard plan it is possible to select CGI version / module version, and the module version seems to be faster, so I tried to select the module version.

Depending on the version of PHP, programs may not work, but this time it is a blog so I am wondering if there are particular problems.

Even if an error occurs, it is okay to return to the CGI version.

Although it is the speed of the response of the essence, since it seems that it takes 5 minutes, 10 minutes to adapt it, it has not been confirmed yet.

I’d like to give you a blog after I can check the change again!

■ PHP 7.1 compliance plan
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
· Economy plan CGI version only
· Light plan CGI version only
· Standard plan CGI version / Module version (* 4)
· Enterprise plan CGI version / module version (* 4)

We will proceed to change the setting of lollipop from here.


Lollipop reference site



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